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A new try at oc'ing


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this is on my personal machine. I had been posting results and questions about my friends computer. I used coolbits to oc my video card a GEforce 6200 with 81.98 drivers. All I can oc is the memory clock frequency. Any time I try to move the core frequency even just 1Mhz, it totally hangs. I oc'd the cpu some. went from a 2.66 celeron D to 2.9. I went from 225 on the 2D pitstop score to 254, on this test. I accidentally deleted the one where I had a 261. Anyway, I wonder why I cannot move the settings for the core frequency on my GeForce 6200 without it going crazy or hanging or whatever. I was able to on my friend's 4000.


I used Ccleaner and I still get clean up diskspace. I have also used pitstop optimize, system mechanic, and another cleaner that I cannot recall the name of, so I am ignore the cleanup disk space on drive E for now.




This is my first real foray into oc'ing and I was wondering if I should attempt trying to oc the ram any. From what little I read it seems like a bear to try to tangle with. My score has improved from a little over 1100 to 1173. Again, I accidentally deleted the higher one that was 1194. I am going to try prime95 to test the stability overnight and will update with that result


TE link




Thanks all for any advice. This is a great community of help

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Hey mrkez, overclocking is always a gamble. When buying hardware you never know if the piece you receive will overclock or not. That's why people look at steppings, dates, and info when buying. I'm not familiar with that series of cards so I don't know if they are good overclockers or not.


Another thing is that you are overclocking the card by overclocking the cpu. Set the cpu to normal default speeds and see if you are then able to overclock the cards core settings. You could also consider upgrading the cooling. http://www.digital-daily.com/video/nvidia_...200/index04.htm

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