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Evga 6600GT 128mb AGP vs ati 9800pro?

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burned, PLEASE look into what you're talking about first. i have an agp 680gs sitting in my pc right now w/ the extra quad and shader unlockd and a slight o/c on it.


i also have been shafted on ebay, which is why i'll never buy pc parts from there. to easy to get say, a pin bent and then you have a crap 400 dollar cpu and the seller won't do anything 'cause he says you did it.


if you're waiting for next year, then you will likely want a new rig. the 7800 series at the least though will be outdated by then. vid card market is crazy

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no i meen for the laptop the 9300 can upgrade the video card too 6800ultra 7800gtx and if dell makes another one for the xps that will fit too.


i problee gona get a new video card for the desktop in a couple months problee in july or sooner.

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I ordered the 7800GS off of Newegg, and it somehow managed to get backordered, so fate had it in for me. It's not so bad though, the $300 that I saved can be used towards something else. Maybe a new iPod if I can't find the receipt for my iPod or get it fixed.


At 425Mhz, the 6800GS slightly outperforms the 6800GT & mine is OCed to 451, so it performs better than the 6800GT. I can unlock the pipes, but BF2 artifacts like crazy. Oh well, in reality, all I wanted was a 6800GT, but I got a card that performs better, and is cheaper to boot.

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hmm i never knew the 6800gs agp could unlock the 4 pipes, ive heard of some one doing it but there card completly artifacted.. which yea does show that the 4 pipes are there.. so i guess your right. my mistake but yea the 6800ultra does sell for cheap on ebay pny 6800 ultra buy it now 220 free shipping just sold on ebay, its really just a matter of coming accros the right deal. because u can just imagine most people still think there the grand master agp video card lol.. although there still a well known fast agp card


this isnt to bad of a deal considering how much they use to be lol 225$ buy it now... 235$ shipped retail 6800 ultra

its a little more than a 6800gs but it is already an ultra lol so now its time to OC lol



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