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Ad Aware 6.


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I bought it Wednesday, installed it Wed night... last night they already had an auto-update to their sig files... they are going to stay #1 with this one!! ;)


And they're not too dumb in their marketing dept either... hehe... get all of us hooked, bring out the purchase-only version a few weeks before the free one so those of us that just can't wait go plop down our money... I know I did, and it didn't bother me a bit... I don't mind paying for good products and at $26.95 for real protection, shooooooooot... I spent that much last night for my wife and I at our favorite Mexican restaurant... made me feel good, but didn't protect me from anything! :P

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Does anybody know if you'll still need the RefUpdate program with version 6, freeware edition? I'm getting ready to uninstall 5.83 in preparation of installing 6, but I'm wondering if I should keep the Reference File Updater.......


Or did they update that too??? :woot: -kd5-

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:woot: Sunday....Feb 02, 1963......a day that will live in infamy!!


did I mention that I will be 40 on Groundhogs Day?!! :woot:


"Once a year.....I pull my head out of my :filtered: and tell you what the weather is gonna be like!!" ;) lol


-HB - 2 - Me!



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Hi all,


Well i have updated to Adaware v6plus after the email. Tooks ages to get the updates ref file but it has worked. Ran with the new Ref file and it caught it's first spybot, not recognised by Spybot.


Due to the problems with Adwatch which i have disabled for now on my XP until fixed, i have installed my Cookiewall on XP which i have already on my WME partition.


Has version 5.83 wasn't getting updated, with the help of the old board i got Spybot. Been really pleased with it and until Adaware is fully fixed i am using both and updating both.



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