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Ad Aware 6.


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Ad-Watch apparently causes some weirdness in the Windows shutdown process too. People are talking about it on the Lavasoft support forum. With Ad-Watch running you either have to tell Windows to shutdown twice, or close Ad-Watch first, then shutdown. Seems pretty simple to me, but people are complaining none the less... So they'll probably fix it sooner or later with an update.

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pretty kewl huh volt!! it's got a couple bugs so far but no biggie yet!! I surfing trying to pick up things but it's seems to be doing OK so far :mrgreen:


To shutdown Windows close out adwatch or you'll have to shutdown twice to close windows ;)


still playing around with it :blink:

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Volt I always thought you were too cheap to buy ad-aware,Using mozilla I have no problems with it,but I don't think I need it with mozilla...have to put it on my 98 os

And just who the hell said I bought it?? maybe it was a gift for all my gator shootin :mrgreen::cheers: v
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Tsk Tsk, volt. Look at all that stuff in your task bar :woot:


I count 12 web pages, 3 programs (not to mention what's in the tray), 3 or 4 folders....... :P


And I'll bet one of those "G"s stands for Google too..... ;) -kd5-

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lorriehe, this is the letter I got from Lavasoft:


Dear Customer


It is with great pleasure that we announce the availability of the

newest additions

to the Lavasoft product family, Ad-aware® Plus 6.0 and Ad-aware®

Professional Editions.

We have completely redesigned the Ad-aware user interface and have

enhanced our scanning

and removal technology to bring you the MOST powerful lineup of privacy

software solutions

available! Your generous support has allowed us to not only improve our

technology it has

allowed us to expand our database to include a greater range of privacy

and security risks

to your system.

Both versions are designed to provide you with continuous protection

from known Datamining,

aggressive advertising, Parasites, Scumware, Keyloggers, selected

traditional Trojans, Dialers,

Malware, Browser hijackers, and tracking components. And each comes

with the following features:


Increased speed - from a more powerful scanning engine, but also from

customizable file size

limits, user defined drive/folder selection and recognized process,

shell extensions and COM

object unloading.


Enhanced scanning - with powerful new heuristics, in-depth and

additional analytical routines.


Customization - that allows you to alter the way that Ad-aware

interacts with your system and

also in the way that it looks with a soon to be released skin editor.


Improved Safety and logging - that includes redundant archiving,

sensitive memory and registry

protection, an all new archive viewer/manager, enhanced logging and

reporting capabilities,

real-time alerts, and an all new troubleshooting option to help resolve

unhandled exceptions.


Expandability - through the use of Plugin technology. Now you can add

increased functionality

that will allow you greater control over your system.

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