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The Pitsters you'd like to meet and why?

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I'd like to see pretty much all the longtime members that have been here as long as I have.


However, I must warn you that I am running out of places to hide the bodies.


Who is DD? :blink:

Some things are better left unknown.


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From what i've seen so far.....................no one.

Good God!


The hurt that will cause will ripple through the forum and probably end up like a tsunami.



You're a hard man.

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John44 - smart, son of a gun


Bruce - just so he can see I'm not really a dummy :lol: Just with Linux.


Volt - think a couple beers with Volt would be a lot of fun.


Take that name out before I get in trouble.


xXenX - so I could talk him out of using Gnome :lol:

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