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I do not have a record of an order from either of your email addresses or the name you

provided. If you purchased the product from an email from

Computer Associates you should check with them.



Click on the sixth entry down in the left column to start the process.

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y do i got 2 buy 1 it said free year trial.



Do you have a link to the ad? Why are you contacting PC Pitstop instead of the company that promised the free year? To my knowledge we have never done that.

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You have the trial version, which is a free scan of your computer. That is

when the software tells you what changes your system needs to help it run

better ("Optimize"). If you are interested in making the suggested changes,

you need to purchase the product to receive a license key to run the


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good night srs I did not obtain to install its program in my computer, I I have two accounts of email, (edited) and (edited), I do not obtain to install because the license key that it was passed me is not accepted necessary that vocês orders another obliged license to me key.


keemwebas say thanx
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I too purchased a license and I have just installed a new hard drive in my laptop. Could you please email me so I can supply one or two emails to you in order to get the key? I have recently changed my email address too, thanks.

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