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2006 Forum Wars

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this aint gonna be a cake walk for any forum this year .................. :beer:


congrats ............ the pit is gonna do some name takin :boxing:


flew, stop playing nice guy, you're confusing me

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Ya Know, I was thinking... each entered forums teams should have names aside from their home forum, otherwise we'll have each forums A teams and a whole lot of B teams.

So I propose that after the teams are picked from June 23rd til July 1st that they also choose a team name (the name will be abreviated just like the forums on the scoring list)


This is how were gonna work the prelims.....

any player who wants to play, has to post all the info needed

1. name

2. forum

3. 3d01 score & link

4. 3d03 score & link

5. 3d05 score & link

6. 3d06 score & link

7. Cmark scores (alu,fpu,mem,hdd) & Link

8. cpu type & model

9. multi, fsb & stock speed

10. OC multi, fsb & speed

11. vga type & model

12. Cooling type

13. sli or crossfire?

14. dualcore?


Then Verified and entered into the database by a cop

Tgic and I are sharing the scoring this time.

Once entered into the scorers spreadsheet, the Players entered will accumulate in a home forum grouping from Highest score to the lowest.

when the prelim's are over on the 23rd, the A teams will be choosen by the Forum Leaders, The participating Forum Leader can decide weather to choose teams by themselves or just go by the scores entered.

All forums must submit their Team listings at The Raptor Pit before July 1st.


Those who do not submit a list will default the top 5 scorers as their A Team.The next 5 as their B Team, C team, whatever the name you want to use.

There are only 2 classes ( A & B ) "A" is the top 5, "B" are all the rest

Once I get the listings and the team names we'll be set for the Warz scoring. :)

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Glad to have you aboard Flew :beer:



The number one team at PC Pitstop is going to be pretty strong this time around. Going to be some great competition. :boxing: Wouldn't be surprised to se the number two Pitstop team beating some of the other number one teams. B) That would make for some interesting banter. :sandi:


Just finished buying the granite kitchen counters so the hard part is going to be to finish my rig before the deadline. :rollingpin: So far I'm running

DFI SLI DR or Asus A8n32 SLI Deluxe

Opty 165 Need to be replaced. :rollingpin:

2x7900gtx Evga

4xRaptor 150

2x512 OCZ 4800



Maybe a mod here and there. B)

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It's a Windows XP Home, Intel H/T, Pit Test bug. Any time I raise the FSB of this particular rig with this particular configuration over 306MHz, it starts counting from 0. :shrug: That test is actually at 4298MHz's. (14x307)


Does the same thing in Sandra...



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Good to see you'll be joining us! That optys going to have to go if you want to be on the number 1 team tho.



i'm lookin to save for a PCP&C 1Kw PSU then another FX60 hopefully by War Time ..... if Not Me and My Opty 175 will be lookin to Kik Some and take Names


BTW we are doin try outs for A Team correct ? :boxing:

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It's time for me to dance with the one that brung me. I will be trying out for the Pitstop team.


















Hey, somebody's got to cover the rear!!!

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