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Tried it with Catalyst and Atitool, it won't go above 500/600.

I'm gonna try backing down the CPU OC to see if that's the problem...

Also, the black lines only really occur on the windows login screen, and then everywhere else when the Catalyst control thing is open...

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Looks like it's not just me either....

'You guys stop the presses, i JUST BOUGHT an ati x1900xtx, came wednesday, dif ut-d, EXACT same trouble, the boot logo was all :filtered:ed up, same exact image as wilsons screenshot of the dfi logo. Called ati (waited on teh phone for about an hour lol) told me to immediatly rma it. Looked it up on google. All of the tests/reviews on the x1900xtx were done on beta ati catalyst drivers 8-203-3-060104a-029367E. My theory is is that this is the reason for the color distortion and driver errors. Also, im not sure if wilson had this problem too, but i actually got my drivers off the cd to work, but when i tried to d/l them off the net, i would get the error. I then downloaded atitool to check the clock frequencies of my new card, and the core was lowered to 500 while the memory was lowered to 600 (1200 effective) this was very strange compaired to what it SHOULD be (650/775 *1550 effective*) So i sent my rma to newegg wednesday and im hoping to get it back some time next week (hopefully) , tell me how your rma turns out and keep me updated cuz im thinking that our cards weren't defective. thanks and i hope we can solve our problems as i am really anxious to play this lock this baby in and play!'

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The 500/600 in ATI tool is standard as it is showing the 2D speeds. Also, when using ATITool, the two services (Hotkey Poller & ATI Smart) must be disabled first, and the volts need to be changed before attempting to adjust the clocks.

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What should the voltage be set to (core/mem)?

Also, if ATitool is only changing 2D, How do I get it to change the 3D clock?


You need to find out how it OC's without any voltage adjustments first.


Use the overdrive option in CCC and see if it will OC that far.You need to do some more reading before you go into voltage options.Not to say you havnt already but these cards are very picky of how they overclock and how stable that overclock is.

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Bigchrome if your running CCC the card will automatically change its 2d clock to 3d settings when you start a 3d app. I have to agree with Onecool and say be sure to test out your card before changing voltages.


When you do decide to use Atitool to overclock be sure to turn off Hotkey Poller & ATI Smart.

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