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My up button doesn't work on the keyboard! For some this may not be a big deal but I happen to use this button a lot (scrolling web pages, as well as working with various applications and programming)


I had a can of Coke sitting next to the laptop and my girfriend accidentaly hit it on the side and like 5 drops landed on the computer. I immediately turned the computer upside down, turned it off, and removed the battery and started popping buttons off around the 'affected' area. I got all of the soda I could see cleaned up with a paper towel and a q-tip then blew and excess away with compressed air. cleaned all the tops and bottoms of the buttons and the seemed to be dry and still good. so I popped the keys back on and powered up the computer into the bios for a few minutes so I can monitor the temperature, and all looked fine so I rebooted and loaded up windows to find that only a few keys on the keyboard were working! Boy, was I mad, but what I really couldn't believe is that so little would render the damned keyboard useless. Thank god everything else still worked fine, though.


Anyw, after about 20 minutes of freaking out the keys all started working again except for ONE! the up key! It's been about two days now and it still doesn't work.


SO, what I'm trying to get at is does anyone know of a way to fix this? If searched all over google to no avail and it looks like I'm gonna have to buy a new keyboard but I'm looking to 'explore my options' before taking that route.


It looks like the keyboard go for under $50.00 on eBay, so I guess ordering one won't necesarily break the bank, but it feels weird to order a keyboard because ONE key stopped working!



Sorry about the long post, however any help or comments are appreciated.


Lata, geniouses!

: all4sma :

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Very common problem for laptops, usual way to fix it is to pop open the laptop and remove the keyboard, clean contacts and re-asemble it. If you don't want to try this on your own, a pc store can do this quickly for you, usually costs about 40 bucks.


Oh, and she owes you dinner for your troubles :mrgreen:

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