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Recently a family member of mine (brother) installed Kazaa on our machine.

I am currently trying to remove it, but i keep getting the same error.



Install Sheild Wizard

Setup has expierenced an error

Please do the following

-Close any running programs

-Empty your Temporary Folder

-Check your interent connectio [internet-based Setups]

Then try to run teh Setup Again

Error Code -6001


I've done everything it asks, but still no luck.

What should I do?


(I was using hte Add/Remove Programs feature)

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Grab these 2 utilities to force it off your rig:




KazaaBegone 1.10


Run KazaaBegone, then run the LSP-Fix. If your winsock settings were altered in the process, Lsp-Fix will restore them properly to allow you to return to the internet.



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