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Need your RAID scores in ATTO

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Hi All,


I'd like to make up a chart on all RAID set ups running ATTO in a more realistic setting than the one we use as a bench. This way we can refer to it when someone is wanting to tweak their own RAID set up. This could end up helping all of us. :mrgreen:


Plase run ATTO with these settings and post me a pic of your scores:


If you don't have ATTO, here is the download.


Transfer Size= 16 to 1024kb

Total Length = 1mb


Direct I/O

Overlapped I/O Yes

Queue Depth at 4


*Why this setting? 1mb length transfering at 16 to 1024 and over lapped should show RAID for what it was ment for. Over lapping should set RAID apart from a regular set up by miles.


Please indicate if your running XP, if restore is on or off?


Thanks. I look forward to your feed back.



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Excellent, keep them all coming folks, this is all good info and please remember that this is not a contest, just information :)


Please indicate if your running XP, if restore is on or off?



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Sorry new to this so didn't know how to take a screen shot, but my results are :-

16 write 29286 read 43778

32 write 40894 read 63438

64 write 45499 read 95682

128 write 44826 read 114032

256 write 43407 read 119275

512 write 41630 read 119799

1024 write 45086 read 120808


that was with xp home system restore on. 2x200g drives.


I set this system up in raid 0 myself and am now wondering if I did something wrong because of my low write rates compaired to everyone elses my green lines are way above my red lines. :lol:


can anyone tell me why?? coz I think the read scores are quite good. :lol:


p.s. its an amd64 4000+ with 1g mem.

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photo bucket is pop up free, and no cookies ;)


I dont see no pop-ups whatsoever and I clean cookies after each session on the net anyway.At least this site dint require me to give them all my data and an email address like your photobucket does :lol:
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ok. here's my results with restore off. was watching tv at the same time so don't know if that will effect them much.

16:- write 27962 read 46661

32:- write 36256 read 67129

64:- write 41473 read 77991

128:- write 43237 read 89653

256:- write 43299 read 98092

512:- write 43972 read 99640

1024:- write 43176 read 109552


AND PLEASE can someone tell me why my writes score is so low. What did I do wrong when I set up my raid or is it something I need to do??

everyone else's writes are higher than thier reads but mine's not. :(:blink::pullhair::thud:




All help in setting my system up for max performance without ocing would be very gratefully recieved.

will do a test and start a new topic if someone asks or needs it.


p.s. hope these results help anyway and sorry for butting in with my prob.

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