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i get that screen when i restart the computer, it says no boot device found press ctrl+Alt+Del to restart.


so i restart and hit del to go in the bios and where it says primary master it shows ( none )


so i choose the drive then i see the drive and i can start with no problems, when i restart again everything starts all over, i have to keep manually finding the hard disk :pullhair:


mobo is a asus P3C2000

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Could be a couple of things, bad bios due to becoming corrupted or bad CMOS battery or bad IDE cable. I would first try to see if you can flash the bios again with a fresh bios upload. Then if it still continues, try changing the IDE cable.



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brilliant xc, its flashed and working, one year behind intil today.



i have to say dos flashing scares me to death.


Glad that worked for ya, I always keep two or three BIOS chips on hand in case of a failed attempt, it has only happened once in a year but I was glad I had the other chip just in case :geezer: They usually only cost about 5.00 from the MOBO manufacturer.
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