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Adobe Reader And Internet Access


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Having recently bought a new computer I decided to download ‘Adobe Reader 7’ off the internet so that I would have the ability to read PDF files.

After the download had completed I noticed that I had also acquired a program called ‘Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3’, which I did not ask for, and also my Internet Explorer had acquired an additional taskbar from ‘Yahoo’.

I also started having problems connecting to the internet that I didn’t have before. At first it was impossible to get into the internet apart from in an offline status. I eventually got access back by uninstalling the Yahoo taskbar using the uninstall programs tool in Windows and running a full system scan with my Norton anti-virus software. (The operating system is Windows XP home with SP2).

My problem now is that whenever I try to connect to the internet I get a message saying ‘Web page unavailable while offline’ and an option to connect with a connect button on the dialogue box. When I do so the internet seems to work OK. I have tried changing the homepage but I still receive the message.

My question is how do I get rid of this annoying message every time I try to connect to the internet and why has this happened in the first place? I thought such a popular software download such as Adobe Reader could be trusted not to mess up a computer.

Any answers or comments will be appreciated.




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I can't help with the internet problems. Hopefully, someone will come along that can. If you have DSL, you might try unplugging the box and then plugging it back in.


Adobe will install both of those programs if you do not uncheck those boxes during the installation process.

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johm98, unfortunately Adobe has allowed Yahoo to attach thier software to its download. Just go to Control Panel>Install/Uninstall Programs>locate Yahoo Tool Bar>Then uninstall it, then do the same with the Adobe photo alblum.



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They may have attached it to the download, but you do have the option of not taking either. If you look at the download page for reader, there are two check boxes (checked by default) that you can uncheck and only get Reader and not the other two programs.

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