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k my cuz got a emachines T2895 and it ony got pci slots no agp or pcieee so hes stuck useing pci cards.


and he wants a new motherboard for it with agp or pcieee and he wants too use his ram and cpu cd rom drives and hdd the same case i see no problem with that because the psu in it is a full size atx psu.



can you link some good micro atx mother boards that will fit? im pretty sure the cpu is a 478 socket.


and his specs is 2.8 celeron 512mb ram of pc2700 120gb hdd 5400rpms and pci 5500.


he wants too use all that with the ne motherboard so later on he could get a better video thats the main reson.



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yeah that model has no agp slot. also the 478 socket is out of production

so don't spend alot of money upgrading it because none of the parts you buy

or have will fit newer mb's except for the memory only.stay on the cheap for upgrades




for a vid card your best bet would be ebay

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the second asus is just a smidgeon better.as for that 6800,i don't think that model is much better

than a good clocked 6600GT because it's only an 8 pipe card.if it were a 12 pipe variant than i would

definately say yes.if the extra 4 pipes can be unlocked i would go for it

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