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A Slick Free Program


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If you don't already have this facility.It is very handy.


I use a free tool called--- appropriately enough--- "SendTo."


SendTo allows you to copy and move files on your hard disk

with just a few mouse clicks. SendTo also allows you to send

files to applications and to remote FTP servers on the



SendTo integrates into the Windows shell. To get started with

SendTo, all you have to do is select some files or folders in

Windows explorer, right click on any one of them, choose "Send

To," and "Any Folder," and SendTo will appear to give you the

option to do any of the following:


Copy the files/folders to another location.

Move the files/folders to another location.

Create shortcuts to the files/folders in a location you specify.

Create a zip file containing the files/folders.

Upload the files/folders to an FTP server on the internet.

Send the files (but not folders) to an application on your computer.


SendTo works on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000 or XP, and can be

downloaded from http://www.trogsoft.com/products/sendto/

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There was a similar program that was part of the Windows Power Toys that Microsoft had for some time. It does come in handy to be able to right-click a file and say Send To, then type or browse to the folder where you want to put it.

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The program I use, Fresh UI, has the ability to "Send To", "Copy To", "Move To" the folder of your choice (amongst other things), but I don't believe it has the ability to send files to remote FTP servers (I could be wrong, but I don't think so...this time :rolleyes: ).


Sounds like a nice program though franglais :) -kd5-

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Right, Ed, but the SendTo applet (at least the one I know) lets you right-click a file, select Send To, then choose "Folder". With the default setup you can manually put shortcuts to particular folders into the SendTo folder but you can't choose the folder name on the fly. Also, the applet lets you choose move instead of copy and that can be helpful.

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I take it im just thick as i cant see the point of that program. I just move my files about manually using the CTRL C and CTRL V then if needed delete the previous files. Usually i already know where the files are gonna be moved to so its not a hassle for me to direct it there manually. Only takes a few clicks to do that also :unsure:



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I think I'm missing something. I downloaded "send to" a few days ago (I saw it on Langalist too). I right click on a folder and one of the options is "send to" (nothing new so far). One of the "send to" options is "send to". When I click on this new "send to" it just goes away.


I really feel challenged, as usual. Do I have to change some settings to get additional "send to" options?

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