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yeah.. I finally got a good 1 !

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p2359_Protein_G 22786 112.00 167.00 604.00 100 DGROMACS


at least if I'm reading this right... I got 15 hours left... its been doing it for 16 hours already, but 31 hours for 604 points should be pretty good for 1 wu right?


... how do i guarantee to get another one of theses? if there is a way... what decides the next wu I get ?



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:) finished that double G, and I got lucky and got another one ;)


2355 p2355_ADAh2 25589 126.00 188.00 683.00 100 DGROMACS


:( I want to turn this box off and get it set up for the RPOC ( challenge at the raptor pit ) .... but with these Double Gromacs I keep getting on this box, I just want to let it fold :) .... I'll wait the 28 hours for this one to finish and see what comes up next :) .......


..anyone know if I can stop this WU, copy everything over to another box, and continue folding this double G with that box? or will it mess it all up?

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