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:laughing: oh my mistake

i didnt know.

so is FF idiot friendly

or should i find something more for me


EDIT: ppl post Internet Exploder i ment Explorer this is just a joke right?


Bruce never jokes about the IE browser... :lol:


FF is great..just download it and go play around with it..you'll get the feel for it pretty quick.

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Well, not sure about the politics here but I do know I can't be banned from here or any site so I guess I'll bite...


Yea, that's the whole sickening thing about MS that I have always hated. They've done some great things but their monopoly and "trounce the up and comer then buy them out" tactics are saddening and, imo, will forever shadow them kn the future no matter what they do. With their base and money they could have done so much more and that's how I do and will always remember them.


Buy them out tactics are fairly standard through out the software industry (and lots of others) adobe buying macromedia, symantec aquires sygate are a couple of examples. Not that I'm defending Microsoft, I think these kind of tactics are in general bad for us consumers.


Good luck using your old monitor with Vista... You have to buy an HDMI compliant monitor to even use Vista, or else you'll be locked out


I wouldn't be surprised if major hardware vendors 'expect' each evolution of windows to 'push' users onto newer more powerful and obviously more expensive hardware and yes it sucks eg the requirements to run a pc in 'trusted' mode.


People think that MS is "becoming more secure" because they actually care about the users. Nothing could be further from the truth. One day peoples eyes will be opened tho.

IMHO ;-) security of commercial software is a PR exercise in general, if your computer/network gets infected by a worm or your data is destroyed because of a programming flaw the vendor of that software isn't responsible have a read of some EULAs (although you would expect them to patch flaws in some cases long after thay have been exploited).


The majority of end users are'nt as savvy as some they want products that are fully featured and easy to use (all the bells and whistles). IMHO vendors aren't going to sacrifice these things for the sake of a more secure product until they are forced to (might be more realistic in a business setting).


Apologies if that was a little OT =^)

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