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how to use itunes


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I started this a while back, but wrapped it up today. I didn't spell check it, so I am not looking for sentence structure/grammar. I would like to know what is missing in terms of content.




Let's face it. There is just no simple way to select a media player these days. You want performance, but you want features. You want speed, but you want looks, and the pizzaz, and the features of a full fledged media center. It turns out, you can have it all! iTunes, by Apple is a free, full featured media player. The newest edition (4.9) plays music, and video. It does everything you need! Let me just start off with the basics. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to add and manage your music, create playlists of various types, import and burn cd's, and use podcasts (for those of you who own iPods).





The first thing you'll notice is obvious. The graphics, and the eye candy is amazing. The top panel is covered in shiny buttons, and it's complemented by a polished metal backdrop. The layout is pretty straightfoward. On the left, you have a selection box. On the right, you have a browser. You select what you want to browse on the left, and low and behold, in an instant, all the data is displayed in the browser window on the right hand side. Pretty simple, eh? Let's put those browsing skills to the test. Ah, wait, you have nothing to view. You haven't added any media yet! (media refers to music, movies, etc.) To add a folder of your media, click File>Add Folder To Library. I guess this part can be intimidating to someone who has never used a file browser before, but all you have to do is find the folder your media is currently in. Click it once (to highlight it), then click OK. This may take a while to process, depending on how many files you have. Great, all your media is in! Take a second to get used to everything.





Ok, so now you want to play some music. In the left box, click "Library". All the files in your library should pop up. In the browser, select the file, and simple double click it. The song will play. you can check your volume under the play button. All the information will be displayed within the display in the center. If you click on the time section, it will toggle total time, time into the song, time left, etc.





Does the song sound something not to your liking? No biggie! Just click the equalizer button. It is the first button on the bottom right. A menu will pop up with the classic manual controls, with many presets available for your listening pleasure. If you only need to use this setting on a particular song, simply right click the file click Get Info then Options and select the preset from there.





Ok, so you have your music sounding great. What about all those files that don't look right? Yeah, the ones without artists, or album names in the boxes. Or_Songs_Labeled_like_THIS.mp3. How do I fix that? It's quite easy, actually. Simply right click the song, Get Info, then click Info. You can change various things like the track name, artist, and album in a snap. Just click OK when done, and BAM, That file was edited to how it suites you best. Don't you just feel so good right about now? I mean, things are looking how you want them! But wait, let's say none of this applies to you. You don't have any music yet! You have a pile of CD's on your chair, and you're all pumped, to find out I haven't told you how to import music from CD's yet! Don't worry, I've got you covered. First, go to pop the Edit tab, then Preferences, click on Advanced, and make sure the music folder is the proper folder with your music in it. (this was mentioned earlier when I talked about organization). Alrighty, you're prepared for importing (woohoo, buckle up). Put the CD in the CD-ROM drive. You'll notice iTunes will automatically load it for you, and it should (if it was a retail disc, meaning you bought it... or even if you didn't), automatically give it the proper tags (Artist, Album, Year, etc.). Once everything is loaded up, click the "Import" button on the top right. This can take anywhere from 3-30 minutes, depending on your CD-ROM drive's speed. Be patient, iTunes will make a beep when it's done. You can now take the disc out, and go into your library. Go into the search bar (upper right), and type in a song from that album. Check that success out, pretty neat, eh? Your rip was a success. (Ripping is another word for importing music off of a disc).





Say all of your media files are lose in your folder (they aren't organized physically, as in, the files). Go to Edit, Preferences, Advanced, (make sure the folder in that box is the folder with all your music, otherwise, change it). then make sure "Keep my iTunes folder organized" is checked. Then click OK to the prompt when you go back to your library. It should be done in a snap.





Just hold on, wait right there man! I Don't have any CDs! I don't illegally download music! That's fine, too. iTunes is also a full fledged music store. It has over two million songs, from every genre, and almost every artist you can think of. Each song is $0.99USD (99 cents). Full albums are usually only $9.99. You are also allowed to burn them to disc, so you really get your money's worth. Just select "Music Store" on the left hand selection box. This may take time to load. On the top right (under the control area), you'll see "Sign In". Click it, and register an account. Your credit card information is 100% safe with Apple. (Besides, they made the first desktop computer, didn't they?). After you're done signing up, sign into the music store. Now you're free to max out your various cards! (hehehe, just kidding, please don't do that.) Now, you can either buy music upfront (default), or add it to a shopping cart. Go to Edit, Preferences, then click Store. Select the "Buy Using a Shopping Cart" radio button. Now all your music will be put in a cart. From this point, I will be using the upfront method. Now, go to the main page of the store. There is the search bar (just type in any artist). Various albums and songs will pop up. You can buy whole albums, or singles. If you don't want to use the search bar, you can go back home. Go to the "Choose Genre" pull down menu on the left hand side. As you can see... wow, everything is there. Every genre (well, to a certain extent...). Click on one! You will be brought to the store of that genre. You can click on various things and artists... blah blah blah. Whenever you see a "Buy" button, whether you're buying a song, or a whole album... that will purchase the song, and the price will be taken off of your credit/debit card. Yeah, I know the new Death Cab album is quite tasty, but just remember you need to eat, also. It's very easy to buy music, so just do it with caution. Another neat thing about the iTunes store is the gift cards, and allowances. That's right, you can pay your child weekly in iTunes green (cash). http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebO...rdsCertificates are the gift cards. They go all the way up to $200. The allowance accounts can be done through this link. https://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZFinan...allowanceWizard





So how do I organize my music further, anyways? How can I make mixes? What if I only want to play rock? This is where playlists come in. These are handy tools that separate files how you want. The + button under selection box on the left makes a regular playlist. It's a blank shell. You go into your library, and highlight songs you want (Or select multiple ones in a row by doing shift+alt, or holding CTRL if you want to select songs at once that aren't right under one another, or in a row), and drag them onto the playlist's name. They will be dumped into the playlist. You can, from there, play the music, burn the disc (I'll get to that later), and do some other cool things. In the same area as the playlist creation area, there are two buttons. The first one jumbles up the songs in the playlist. The other has options such as shuffle, repeater, etc. That's all there is to it. You have an instant party favorite! There is another kind of playlist, lurking in the shadows, ready to strike. Well, it doesn't really lurk, but it's sort of in the shadows! It's the "Smart Playlist". This will put media in order according to certain details about them. If you want an all 90's mix, for example, the smart playlist will check songs with the year 1990-1999 in the tags (the years can me manual). You can make playlists for just about anything. Artists, albums, genres, you name it. These playlists can be created with the hotkey shift. You will notice the + turns into a *. click the * to create your smart playlist. You can also make folders for organizing your playlists within your library. Just go to FIile>New Folder





You have all your music sounding good, it's organized, and it's in playlists. Great job. Now it's time to master the art of creating a CD. Click on your playlist, then at the top right, click Burn Disc. Yeah, it's easy, but I had to stretch this paragraph out a little. You know... so I'm saying random stuff here. I need to impress you guys with a long tutorial. Maybe not, moving on.





Making a CD is actually quite easy, it can be done in just a couple steps. First, make a Playlist, then add your music by dragging and dropping. (Or make a smart playlist). You'll see a "Burn Disc" button at the top right when your are inside the playlist. Insert your CD now, then press it. Wait a couple minutes, and if it asks to you to press it again, do so. It will say "intalizing", then "writing". Once it starts to make progress, you know it's working. When the bar is at 100%, the CD can be taken out and played. Pretty simple!





For all of you iPod owners out there, updating the ipod is very simple. Just plug the ipod into the computer while itunes is open, and it will say "DO NOT DISCONNECT" (I don't recommend disconnecting it). It should start updating the songs. Most computers these days are equipped with USB 2.0, so 1000 songs will take about 7 minutes. You can check the progress on the itunes screen. When it is all done, a check mark will be on the screen of the ipod. Disconnect and enjoy.







BTW, this is more of a quickstart.

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Latest version of iTunes is 6.0.1, and some things have changed, like how it displays info on the song playing,etc.. just update it to apply to the current itunes version.


Also, for cd ripping, you should add a note on encoding. It seems like AAC is way too watery sometimes, and sometimes it's alright. I hate downloading AAC files from their music store because you have no idea how the quality is.. so put in a note on changing the encoder to mp3 at 192kbps for cd ripping.

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Actually when I open iTunes on ipad is said that this does not work in your country, so I dont have the choice iTunes U.S., or something. I think if the App Store and iTunes does not work with ipad so there is no point using ipad.

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Helpful tips! I got an iPod, but i always feel so inconvenient to use iTunes. Then, i always end up with using other apps from top1apk to play music. ANd, you know getting more apps make my device slow. Then, maybe now i will come back to iTunes. 

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