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Help With Ethernet Cable Modem.

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I have Earthlink as the provider and have the Toshiba PCX-1100U cable modem.

I have XP Pro and I'm using the USB connection to use the internet.

I tried several times to connect using the ethernet connection but nothing happens.

How do I set it up?

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don't know if i can be of much help,

but the first thought that comes to mind is

did you install the drivers for the ethernet card.???


a couple of weeks ago i installed a Zonet ethernet card and installed the drivers that came with it


good luck



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Guest Tinman875

Hello, I have a toshiba pcx2200 and it has a usb and ethernet option. I was told not to use the usb because of problems, and it was a slower way to connect. It may be a provider issue if your cable light is not on on the modem.

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Should be able to sort it out here


Have you power-cycled your modem? Shut down, unplug it and wait about 3 minutes, then plug it back in and wait for your lights to hold steady.


Other thought, if you are using a Firewall (strongly recommended), make sure that it is allowing your Browser to access the net. ;):mrgreen:

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that prob is almost never a bad cable. I would get a new nic before I spent money on a cord if I were you. You should unplug the usb, plug in the ethernet, powercycle the modem, and reboot after you get solid lights. If that does not fix the prob, try a new NIC. (or a new modem if you got it from the cable co and they'll do it for free :)

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