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Optimize & Vista MS OS?


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Microsoft are coming out with new operating sytem mid-2006.


I am waitiing to buy new PC when new OS launched.

In the meantime, I have my old clunker PC using Win98.


If I buy now, will Optimize work with Vista OS and will the

backup disk install when I get new computer even though

it will be newer OS?

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Vista is still pretty far from done. At best, it will be availalable in late 2006. Even if Microsoft finishes it in August, there is a two or three month lag before it shows up in stores and on new computers from companies like Dell. Judging from the beta vesrions I have used, I have serious doubts whether Microsoft will finish it by August.


Since Vista is so unfinished and we haven't had a chance to test our products with it, we really can't make any definite statements about whether the current versions will work with it or when new versions might be available. The crystal ball is just too cloudy!

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Haha from what I've seen of Vista... Why upgrade to it? Why not just get new hardware, and keep Windows 98? You'll certainly get much better performance that way.


Needing a gig of ram for an OS, that's :filtered:.... :geezer:

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