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Getting New Connection!

Guest M4D

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Hi all, this if my first post so i'll get on with it !!


I am in the uk and my local telephone exchange has just reached it's 400 people broadband target !

So in about 2 months i'll be getting Adsl at speeds of 512kbps down and 256kbps up,

And to be honest thats all i know about Adsl .....


Can ony of you help me out!!

I need to know what kinds of hardware (ie) modems, routers, cables ext ext i will need to buy for that great day that ive been waiting for...


Now to be honest i know alot about 56k modems cos i have one but i know nothing at all about Adsl, I just thought i would be able to plug it straight into my lan on my EP8RDA+ but from what ive read on www.adslguide.org.uk and www.ispreview.co.uk it seems like i got it very wrong...


So can you help me out!! as it seems like i need it...

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:welcome: M4D...from what you say, I will assume that you will be using BTOpenworld for your ISP, if that is the case you will require a USB modem (I am using "Speedtouch USB modem) It really does depend which ISP and which "deal" you will be taking up. With a lot of deals all the equipment is supplied.If you can let me know some more details I can provide you with more information! ;)

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