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PC Pitstop's Optimize?

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I've utilized PC Pitstop's tests for years and when I got the opportunity to buy the new Optimize software I quickly purchased it. I noticed a thorough cleaning following my first use of the software but ever since that initial run I haven't seen another thing happen. Every single scan indicates no problems in any area. The only thing that is ever presented for correction or removal is the temp file information. There has been no further optimization's made since the very first run. If there were no issues to optimize I would be understanding but I can immediately run free optimization programs and find numerous issues that need correction. If there is someone from admin that can explain why I'm getting such disappointing performance for this pricey software I'd welcome hearing from you.





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I'm not an admin but I'm going to take a shot at it anyway.


Although by no means a one-hit wonder, the majority of Optimize's system changes are not something that needs to be done more than once per operating system installation. The system changes and the registry edits would not need to be repeated unless they are changed back to default for some reason, such as a re-install of Windows.


The registry cleaning function targets very specific registry entries, namely those left behind after uninstalling software. If you haven't done any installing/uninstalling, there just isn't going to be a lot to find. You are already aware of how the file cleaner works.


There is more detailed information to be found here: http://pcpitstop.com/faq/optimize.asp


Only you can decide if these changes have improved your computer's performance enough to be worth the cost. Optimize is very specific in the changes it targets on your system. There are undoubtedly more generalized cleaners out there that can find additional optimizations, but do they make the same system changes that Optimize does? Additionally, do the changes these other programs make improve performance to the same degree that Optimize does? Computer configurations vary widely from machine to machine. The interaction of the different components adds an element of chance into predicting how a random computer is going to behave with any given piece of software.


If you are not pleased with the Optimize, I would like to point out that it comes with a 30-day 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.


You can request a refund from here: http://pcpitstop.com/store/service.asp

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