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video card for desktop/ and mem for laptop

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The x850 pro at Best Buy is the one I have. Using a bios flash to the xt or xtpe to get the 16 pipes then forcing it to keep the pipes with another flash back to the pro bios is the best way. You can then safely clock it to whatever it will allow.


I paid $249 for mine when it was on sale at Best Buy.

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the x700 will be faster than the 9800 but only just. the gain is so small its not worth doing


a 6600gt with 256mb of ram would be a slightly better upgrade but the 6600gt days are a little past now


really you should be looking at a 6800gs or 1600xt if they make this card in agp any x800 models with 12 or 16 piplines are worth looking at too


nobody really bothers buying x800pros now so you may pick one of those up dirt cheep and theres quite a few around in agp

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