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Mr Beaujangles

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Howsyall doing folks?

Aint been around for a while and my - how the board has changed :)

Love these new smilies :xmas2::sparkle::xmastree::santahat:

Anything drastic been happening apart from the board colour going back to something like it used to be many moons ago? (no pun intended Moony) :geezer::rofl2:


Ah well - it's nice to see so many familiar names.


best to ya all.


beau B)

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Geeeeez, how come I always miss the fun?


Juliet - thanks for the link....I see it was another bull in the china shop incident.....mutter, mutter, mutter - wonder if it was our old friend from a few years back??????


Ah well, I'm sure the mods and that will have them pegged again - for a while at least! :angry:


I agree with one of the comments in that link you gave - they would'nt bother if the site was just offering nonsense. They're obviously quite jealous/angry/feeling left out or something that they feel the need to interfere like this.


CB - we had some snow at the beginning of November but then it thawed a bit and it all disappeared :( But never mind, it's really shaping up for what is being predicted as our coldest winter in many a year - 5 degrees this morning and the frost hasn't lifted all day :rolleyes:


Moon - I think it is something to do with your magnetic pull - it keeps dragging us back here :xmas-smiley-017:


Hulk - nice to see your still telling them jokes - they're my kinda humour ;)


Alls4&Intel - great to be back :mrgreen:


beau B)

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