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This is my birthchart and it shows who I am. I am an astrologer. My lady friend and I went to classes for five years, as a pass-time and as a way to get closer. We both learned that astrology is best compared to Black and Decker--- a tool you use to accomplish other things--- it is not a belief system of any sort. You must believe in yourself. That is what astrology teaches.

If you are secure in your faith, then astrology cannot shake your faith.




As far as age is concerned, my age in years means very little. Since I turned forty or so, I have measured my age with respect to how much I have learned, and the effort it took to learn whatever it was I had learned. Some things come to me quicker, and sink in faster--- other things are stuff I have tried to get a handle upon most of my life. But, I'm learning and I recall the experience, but I don't remember how old I was, I remember what it felt like to learn and grow.

I'm 65, and growing.



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Under Chinese Astrology, whilst your Daughter is similar to Jakeofalltrades, born in the same year, your Husband is totally different, but compatible. Horse, Dog and Tiger are the best of Friends!


He is a Horse,




Hope you enjoy?


Thanks Drover..very interesting. Got me on the nose, but missed hubby by a mile. He's pretty much the exact opposite of everything it said about him. :blink:

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August 28th 1962





My father

August 27th 1919



His quote when asked how you doing: "I'm still on the right side of the grass, how are you?"

He also square dances 3 nights a week, lives alone, drives, grows an acre big garden, has "Girlfriend fighten over him troubles",

and calls dating a 65 year old robbing the cradle! B)

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dang...have I been out of high school for that long?




was that back when the school and the church were the same building? ...or was it your graduating class that invented the wheel? :blink::P


btw, i'm not as old as you. neener-neener.

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