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Iron Maiden - there's an Iron Maiden crossing the street

The Postal Service - the mailman and the mailbox

The Black Crowes - the...um...black crows on the street sign

U2 - The two u's painted on the wall on the right.

The Cowboy Junkies - the cowboy looking at his arm on the corner

Great White - the poster of the shark.

Seal - the poster by the white zombie

matchbox 20 - the matchboxes spelling out 20 on the asphalt

Blues traveler - the guys in suits and sunglasses walking with guitars

the eels - the two eels on the ground...

madonna - painting of madonna on one of the stores windows


nine inch nails - the pile of big nails on the ground?

the eagles - the... eagles...

black flag - the black flag flying on the corner

the gorillaz - the.. huge gorillas in the back.

the police - the policemen in the back middle

When you zoom in on them, you can see the four coloured panels behind the white-clothed folk are The Doors.

white snake - the big white snake under the virgin logo

scissor sisters - the pink scissors with bows on teh ground? maybe?

the dead kennedies - the photos of two kennedys on the wall by that zombie on the left

white zombie - that white zombie on the left.

eminem - the m&m package on the ground

red hot chili peppers - the peppers on the stand next to the watermelons

spoon - the huge silver spoon

the beach boys- the surfer guys

korn - the corn on the fruit/vegetable stand

ratt - the big rat

hole - the big hole in the middle

50 cent - the big half-dollar

blur - the blurred-out guy

garbage- the garbage can

radiohead - the guy with the stereo on his shoulders

prince - the... prince...

kiss - the girls making out?

judas priest - the group of people in white

the vines - the branches coming out of the sewer

the black crows - the crows on the main st sign

the cranberries - the bags of cranberries in the crates

Queen is holding up Prince with the Sex Pistols

the sky is "Pink"

the cars: the 3 cars in the back

jane's addiction -the girl dressed like jane a la tarzan with the guy who looks like he's shooting up heroin.

Talking Heads (The TV's)

Jewel - The Necklace

It has to be Yellowman


Manic Street Preachers could also be The Cult

Cypress Hill (the cypress tree on the hill)



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Twisted sister = the two acrobats centre page, Thought of "the vibrators" as well for the sex pistols one.

Mother and child reunion = photo in the shop? Who is the girl up on the fire escape blowing bubble gum - Pink?


Anyone know where the definitive list can be found? This thing is driving me nuts - but it's great fun! :mrgreen:


beau B)


Not sure it is the pixies - looks more like the Pink Fairies to me. Is the group depicted by the 3 girls in front of the rolling stone Swing out Sister?


Sorry - this thing ahs me hooked! :santahat:

Edited by Mr Beaujangles
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