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Help For Aol Broadband

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A friend in England has AOL broadband and windows XP. He says that after about 10 minutes of being connected he gets disconnected, and has to reconnect. It works, but then boots him off again and he is getting very frustrated. I don't use AOL so I don't really know what to suggest, and the AOL help pages were.....well not helpful :blink: He also mentioned getting (he thinks) an INIT error...any suggestions? He used to have AOL dialup and had no problems, it just began after he had broadband.


Thanks :mrgreen:

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has he tried deleting the global.org files ?


start > search > find file folders > global.org..........delete them all


reinstall the aol adaptor .....start.> programs > aol system infomation > utilities> uninstall aol adaptor .



both of these will reinstall them selves after restarting comp , if only one green light on modem after doing this just restart comp again .

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Guest Sundisk

I had exactly the same problem with AOL broadband. After weeks of contacting AOL with no result, finally the problem was solved by disabling the personal firewall in my antivirus software.

Cy :woot:

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