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An extremely slow initial response when clicked Optimizer, something heretofore not experienced, finally convinced me to try to obtain info cause/cure.

After approximately 5 min wait, the initially blank PCPitstop Optimizer came alive and functioned routinely.


At Finish, decided to seek explanation. SUPPORT selection produced nothing.


Then I was in real trouble. Spent an hour after ISP connection (DialUp/Windows98SE/192 mb/IE6) I could not get Online. Tried repeatedly.

At Ctrl/Alt/Delete found lexplore Not Responding. Have no idea what that is, and at FIND it was not found. But there must be a relationship because after (reluctanly) DELETING PCPitStop Optimizer has no difficilty getting Onlone/getting here.


I must say I am more than a bit put out that a program paid for does not offer a tec spt email address offering assistance. Hopefully a moderator will respond. My Optimizer program remains unavailable, which in itself is irritating. Sincerely, RO

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Sorry Optimize is not performing up to par. Please be assured that it has a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.


Here is a link to the Customer Service page.



The first thing I would suggest is to download a new copy of the installer and try it again. Your post said you deleted the program. Did you use the uninstaller from the Start\Programs\PCPitstop\Optimize folder; Add/Remove Programs; or just delete the folder from the directory? (Using its own uninstaller would be my first choice.)


If a new installation doesn't cure the problem, then our software specialist will want to see a copy of your log file. It can be found by using Windows Explorer to go to C:\ProgramFiles\PCPitstop\Optimize\optimize_log.txt.


If at any time you would rather have a refund, you can use the dropdown menu from the Customr Service page to request that.


And :wp:


If you decide to reinstall and run the program to try it again or to get the logfile, you can select "make no changes to my internet connection" from the first page. Given that it knocked you offline, that might be worth trying.

Additionally, there is also a "restore system settings" option on the first page which will undo all the changes Optimize makes to your system. You may want to run that first if you decide to uninstall Optimize permanently.

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