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Licence Help?

Guest Tiogy

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Hi, I'm the new guy! I purchased PC Pitstop as a part of a package along with Computer Associates Pest Patrol and as I understand it, I am supposed to be able to use the key provided for Pest Patrol to unlock PC Pitstop. I get an error message stating that the key is unrecognized by PC Pitstop.


I noticed that there is a reference on the PC Pitstop support page to partner software and specifically CA. It is stated that the same key will work for both and that I should contact CA's tech support for help. I did that and they referred me to the "Paid Tech Support" for PC Pitstop.


I am starting to get the feeling that I have been duped here, anyone have any experience with this issue?

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No Pest Patrol and Optimize have completely different license keys. Optimize license keys start with P and are 12 character long including the dash and P i.e. PXXXX-XXXXXX. You should be able to see your license key in your order information from CA. Click here to retrieve your information. If you can not find your information send us a message through our customer service page and make sure to include your order number. http://www.pcpitstop.com/store/service.asp


Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience,


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I've spent way too much time trying to get the license key for Optimizer sent to me. Are all of the PitStop products this messed up? What can I do to get the key for a product I paid for?

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I have had no problems with my order. I made absolutely sure that I made copies of my receipt. You should have received a receipt that looks similar to the one seen below. There are two defferent and seperate license keys for eTrust PestPatrol anti-Spyware and PC Pitstop Optimize.



Order Information

Order Date:

Order Number:

Order Total: $36.94

The charge(s) will appear on your credit card as "DR*ca.com".

You will be sent an email with your order details at the address provided.


*Customer and technical support will be provided in English.


Product Name Quantity

eTrust® PestPatrol® Anti-Spyware 1


License Key: ?


PC Pitstop Optimize 1


An email has been sent containing the download URLs. When downloading the items, you will be added to our Email Campaign list.


License Key: ?


Extended Download Service 1


An email has been sent containing the download URLs. When downloading the items, you will be added to our Email Campaign list.


Additional Product Information

PC Pitstop Optimize - Important Notice: This purchase includes software from a Computer Associates partner.

If you require technical support for Optimize please contact PC Pitstop directly by clicking here.

For customer service issues follow the Order Instructions to the right.


Download Questions

How do I download?


Have download instructions e-mailed to you.


How do I get my serial # or unlock codes for my purchase?


What is download insurance?


My unlock code/serial # is not working.


How do I re-download software that I have purchased?


What if the download stops before it is complete?


What if I want a shipment, but I've already ordered the download?


I've finished downloading, where do I find it?


Order Instructions

If your order contains downloadable software and you have not purchased our Extended Download Service, you have 30 days to download your purchase. Please save a backup copy to a ZIP drive, Floppy disks, etc., of the file(s) that you downloaded in case you have computer or hard disk problems.


Installation Instructions

Click here for detailed installation instructions.


If you have problems with your order, or have any additional questions or comments, please refer to the email confirmation for your order or you may contact Customer Service for assistance.


Thank you again for your order!


Download Instructions

Click on the Download button to download your product. We recommend saving the file to your desktop. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 users must right-click and select "Save Target as" from the drop-down menu.

Write down your license key (or print this page) because it will be required for installation.

Click the download button to the left.

When prompted, please choose "Save this program to disk", and then click "Save". The "Save As" dialog box should appear. Change the "Save in" option to "Desktop" so the file will be easier to locate (it will become an icon on your desktop).

You can start the installation process by double clicking the new icon. Please Note: It is highly recommended that you uninstall ANY previously installed antivirus or firewall software prior to installing an eTrust Antivirus, eTrust EZ Armor, eTrust Internet Security Suite or Firewall product in order to avoid any conflicts that could potentially cause damage to your PC. This includes prior versions of eTrust™ EZ Armor™, eTrust™ EZ Antivirus, and eTrust™ EZ Firewall. Click the link above for detailed installation instructions.

If you experience problems during your download, you may restart the download process by clicking the "Download" button shown above. If you need further assistance you may contact Customer Service.

If you have not purchased our Extended Download Service, please note you will have 60 days to download your product. Please click here for further information.

You have also been sent an email which will also provide your order details.

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I've spent way too much time trying to get the license key for Optimizer sent to me.  Are all of the PitStop products this messed up?  What can I do to get the key for a product I paid for?



If you bought directly from PC Pitstop please use our Customer Service page:




If you bought from Computer Associates:



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I have contacted CA support with no results - seems like both parties keep passing the buck - I am going to insist on a refund.

I understand your frustration, but we do not have access to your CA account or ordering information. We have contacted them and they have assured us they are aware of the problem (Apparently not.) You may want to call them and insist on speaking to a supervisor, if you still want the product. 1-877-694-8509


Their refund process, as well as their license lookup service, can be accessed from their Customer Service page:



or more directly:


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There must be a problem with the order process because my receipt makes no mention of PC Pitstop Optimize whatsoever even though I used a link that was advertised as being the package deal. I received the ad via email from CA advertising PestPatrol + Optimize with a "Buy Now" link.

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If you did not get your license key from CA I will take care of it. Please click on the email button below this message and email me your name, order number, and email address that you used when placing the order with CA. I will send this information to my contact with CA and get you your license key ASAP.


I am truly sorry for your inconvenience and I hope to take care of this issue quickly.


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I have exactly the same problem as Tiogy. I have emailed both helpdesk in Pitstop and CA, and they promise to take care of it. I have sent them all my ordering information, but they time after time only refer to mye order page with CA. But as I've told them (now several times) the license for Optimize are NOT there.


Can't see why his should be so difficult??


Regards Terje the frustrated customer... almost giving up.... (maybe that's what CA hope for?)

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Yep - get me too - I responded to a promo for Pitstop and ended up with Pest Patrol. As is my usual experience CA have not responded to emails requesting a solution. They appear to be acting with the arrogance of Microsoft but without the thousand lawyers and the physical presence to really pull it off.


This would be about the last straw for me - no solution and my 100 or so clients who use Etrust will be using one of the many other utilities available and CA can get bent.

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