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MSINET download errors > Optimize


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I chose PC Pitstop's Optmize to increase my Internet speed with a cable modem. I was getting about half of what I should. Optmize did that very well. However, I lost download data accuracy with programs that use Microsoft's MSINET control via the TCP/IP protocol. Downloads within Internet Explorer or Firefox seem fine. An example of the type of data errors I get is from a file of about 1 Meg text file that had about 30 extranious characters. This download was generated within a program called DXKeeper using Microsoft's MSINET control.


Here are sample errors:

<BA1ND:3> S/B <BAND:3>

MO1DE:2> S/B MODE:2>



These errors are random and but will recurr with every event. In other words if I run this routine again I will get about 30 complete new errors. To further test I did a restore to my pre-Optimize state and the errors went away. re-Optimized and they're back. Any ideas?


73 Art W2NRA

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