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Civilization 4

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Civ 4 came out about a week ago. Who else likes the new changes?


Also, what took me about 2 hours of asking and searching. For those that want to host Multiplayer internet games, port 2056 needs to be open. I couldn't find that port number anywhere in any FAQ for it.

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Got this from IGN.com


Published by: 2K Games

Developed by: Firaxis

Genre: Turn-Based Strategy

Release Date:

US: October 24, 2005



Minimum Requirements:



64MB 3D accelerator


1.7GB free disk space


Recommended Requirements:



128MB 3D accelerator

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Just keep in mind, minimum requirements are exactly that.


My pc is a ton better, but when the screen is full, i still get some choppiness. I've been looking at some of the Civ 4 fansite forums and others are complaining about performance issues even though they have decent rigs also.


But besides a little bit of choppiness and a problem with alt/tab while in the multiplayer 'lobby' crashing the game, there aren't that many problems. It is a really well programmed game. I haven't found any real bugs at all, which is a nice change of a pace vs. other releases these days.

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