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I have Paid for PC Optomizer but have never received the License Key to complete registration and use this product. I have requested registration revalidation at least 3 times without success. Finding a method of contacting you has been difficult (your site does not accept email) and I can find no link to contact you except in this forum. I sincerely hope this message will achieve results in suppling me with the necessary License Key. :thud:


Floyd D. Johnston

User ID = Floyd

Email = floyddfdj at aol dot com

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Please accept our apologies that the automated system hasn't worked as intended.


By any chance are you using a spam blocker? Sometimes our emails get blocked and we are unable to deliver the product and/or license.


And I don't mean to give you the run-around, but have you tried using the Customer Service page?




I will follow up in a few hours and see if there has been satisfactory progress.


P.S. I edited your email address to fool the spambots.

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I do use a spam blocker, However no message from you ever appeared in the spam folder.


I did go to the customer service page, but it appeared that the license key was required.


Thank you for your rapid reply. When can I expect to receive the license key?


Floyd :rolleyes:

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Hopefully it will be today, but we will have to do an order lookup.


Did you try using your email address to ask for a license key in the first box on the Customer Service page?


Instant Help

Need your license key? Enter your email and we can send it to you:

Just checking, but did you order directly from a PCPitstop page or from a Computer Associates email?


Also, if you have the free version of Optimize installed, there is no need to download another version, unless it's to burn it to a CD for a backup. You can insert your license key (when you get it) into the free version and it will become fully functional.


http://pcpitstop.com/store/optimizescan.asp <----Free version here.

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