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Guest KeithS

No improvement

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Guest KeithS

I purchased the 'Optimize' utility last week as a last resort to breathe some life into my computer before I use it as an anchor.


Problems that existed before are still present:

mmtask error on shutdown [krnl386.exe].

Creating User Profile [Loading System Policies] on every startup.

Displays the 'Dreaded Blue Screen' with various Windows errors [vxd].


This is just a quick sample of various glitches. I believe that I have registry problems since the last good automatic backup [rb???.cab] that exists goes back to November of last year. Have tried the scanreg.exe/fix and she hangs up. Have also used the Norton CleanSweep Registry sweep to no avail.


I don't want to bore you with too much information until I hear from you with specific requests for info from me.


Thanking you in advance.



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Hi Keith,


Welcome to the Pit. :)


Sounds like you have a real mess on your hands. Is there a chance you could run the Pit test & post a link to the results? It would give us some valuable info.


The two links (Below) will take you to the test site & show you how to post a link to your results. BTW, your TechExpress link doesn't work.




Hawk :beer:

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Not sure if I did this correctly but here goes-



Hi Keith,


Yup, that is correct. :)


According to AnswersThatWork, there are a couple of causes for the error you are getting.


Mmtask  (1)




Background task installed by  MusicMatch Jukebox  and which detects the insertion or removal of a CD so that MusicMatch Jukebox can update its display accordingly.


Recommendation :

This task is provided purely to allow MusicMatch Jukebox to still be able to detect the insertion or removal of a CD on PCs where the CD‑ROM drives are  not  set to Auto-Play ( “Auto-insert notification”  not turned ON in Win9x/ME, or  “Autorun”  registry key set to Zero in WinNT4/2000/XP).  If you know that your PC automatically plays or opens CDs, then, as part of streamlining your PC’s environment, you may try disabling this task on the  Startups  tab of  The Ultimate Troubleshooter.  If you find that MusicMatch Jukebox is still able to detect the insertion or removal of a CD, then all is well, otherwise simply re‑enable this task.


Mmtask  (2)




Microsoft’s Multimedia Background Task Support Module. This is a hidden task in Windows 9x/ME which shows up only in the Processes List in Starter.  MMTASK is a Microsoft background task which provides simulated multitasking for multimedia applications, so that, for example, you could be playing more than one AVI movie at the same time.  This task does not exist in Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003 which are true multitasking operating systems.


Recommendation :

Leave it alone.  If you experience error messages which mention  MMTASK, and quite a few users do, then the problem is in most cases elsewhere, very often driver problems.

With regard to your test, it is actually quite good. Some minor things that could be looked at.


Would suggest you take a look at Installed Software. Go to the start of your summary & just click on it in the right menu. Have a close look at what you have installed. Appears to be a couple of toolbars & a lot of media/graphics programs there, yet your video is not performing as well as it should.


You have 53% free HDD space which is ok but 60 or 65% would be better. You also have 385MB of junk files & a total of 10% fragmentation. Should be corrected. ;)


Not sure if your uncached speed can be improved but you could try the following. Some people were able to solve the problem by removing the disk controller in Device Manager and having Windows redetect it. To do this, go into Control Panel/ System/ Hardware tab/ Device Manager. Find the controller (It's usually going to be under "IDE ATA controllers" ) right click it and Uninstall. Then reboot.


The red flag you are getting in your summary is due to your HDD size. The test is set up with a 20gig HDD as a minimum parameter & yours is 10gigs. The yellow flags are just advisory. Again, it is the parameters of the test. It is comparing 1000MHz against your 600MHz & XP against 98SE.


Let us know how you get along please.




Hawk :beer:

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Guest KeithS


Here's the latest [but not so greatest] on my problems:


mmtask [1]

MusicMatch Jukebox utility is not installed on my computer. [Even ran a 'find file and folders' search which generated another 'Dreaded Blue Screen' error, but we're not going to go there now.]


mmtask [2]

…driver problems. Which driver could be causing this? Have upgraded the drivers for the sound card [Creative Soundblaster 16] but didn’t want to play with too much at one time. [is this part of what you meant when you said, “Sounds like you have a real mess on your hands.”]


Also reinstalled the disk controller, cleared the temporary files via with ‘optimizer’, removed the Yahoo toolbars [these were installed as part of an Acrobat Reader upgrade] through the add/remove programs in the control panel.

I conspicuously noticed some items in the installed software list some items that are no longer in use but ‘add/remove programs’ will not let me uninstall them [says there is a missing file to uninstall. How do I get rid of them? [When removing programs is it best to us the uninstall feature that [sometimes] come with the program or should one use the add/remove programs in the control panel?]]


What other ‘media/graphics programs’ are you referring to?


Anyway…here are the latest test results.




Any additional help you can provide will be appreciated.


[Please reread all of the above and please answer the questions that are included]


Please forgive me if I sound like I know what I'm doing!





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Hi Keith,


I fixed your link. :)




According to the test results, the following is your installed software:


Name Publisher Date Installed

Canon Camera Support Core Library Canon Jan 15, 2005

Canon RAW Image Task for ZoomBrowser EX Canon Jan 15, 2005

Canon Camera Window for ZoomBrowser EX Canon Jan 15, 2005

Canon RemoteCapture Task for ZoomBrowser EX Canon Jan 15, 2005

Canon MovieEdit Task for ZoomBrowser EX Canon Jan 15, 2005

Canon Utilities PhotoStitch 3.1 Canon Jan 15, 2005

Canon Camera TWAIN Driver 6.4 Canon Jan 15, 2005

Canon Utilities ZoomBrowser EX CISRA Jan 15, 2005

Canon PhotoRecord Cisra Jan 15, 2005

Java 2 Runtime Environment, SE v1.4.2_03 Sun Microsystems, Inc. Feb 07, 2004

LiveReg (Symantec Corporation) Symantec Corporation  

Adobe Reader 6.0 Adobe Systems Incorporated  

Windows Media Player system update (9 Series)    

Microsoft Windows Critical Update Notification    

USB Storage Driver    

LiveUpdate 2.6 (Symantec Corporation) Symantec Corporation  

Microsoft Works 2000 Microsoft Corporation  

America Online    

Microsoft NetMeeting 2.11    

AIM Toolbar    

NVIDIA Windows 95/98/ME Display Drivers    

Microsoft Data Access Components KB870669 Microsoft Corporation  


Microsoft Outlook Express 6    

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 SP1 and Internet Tools    

Windows 98 Q823559 Update    

Microsoft VGX Q833989    

Windows 98 Q840315 Update    

Adobe Atmosphere Player for Acrobat and Adobe Reader    

AOL Instant Messenger    


Yahoo! Messenger    

Outlook Express Q823353    

USB Storage Adapter V3 (TPP)    


AOL Coach Version 1.0(Build:20011028.1)    

Logitech MouseWare 9.10    

Microsoft Office 2000 Small Business Microsoft Corporation  

Microsoft Works 2000 Setup Launcher    

Microsoft Word 2000 Microsoft Corporation  

Word in Works Suite add-in Microsoft Corporation  

GoBack Personal Edition    

Diamond Mine 1.5y    

Norton CleanSweep    

PerformanceTest v4.0 Passmark Software  

Microsoft Wallet    

Microsoft Picture It! Express 2000 Microsoft  

3Com Cable Connections    

Microsoft Office Converter Pack    

AXIS Camera Server Control    

KODAK DC215 Software    

HP PSC 500    

Iomega HotBurn Pro    

I-ON I-VCDP 1.0    

Microsoft Windows 98 Resource Kit Tools Sampler    


SpeedStream 2624 DSL/Cable Router    

Siemens SpeedStream Wireless USB    

3Com HomeConnect Cable Modem External with USB    

Dial-Up Scripting Tool    

FileNET Panagon Viewer 3.1    

Windows 98 Q890175 Update    

AccuTrans 3D    

SpinFire Viewer 2.5 (Build 550)    

Windows 98 Q888113 Update    

Ad-Aware SE Personal Lavasoft  

Windows 98 KB896358 Update    

Registry Mechanic 5.0 PC Tools Pty. Ltd.  

Internet Explorer Q903235 Microsoft Corporation  

Internet Explorer Q896727    

PC Pitstop Optimize 1.0v PC Pitstop LLC

Usually add/remove is the best way to uninstall. However, some programs either don't have an uninstaller or they leave parts of the program behind. ;)


You could give Killbox a try.


Your uncached speed is still low & in most cases, the fix I described will work. These are some other things that effect slow uncached speed:




Have you gone to the "Device Manager" in the Windows properties? What does it say for hardware devices? That is where you can see all your devices, delete them, change drivers, etc


Might have a look at DMA.


Also THIS.


Let us know how you get along please.




Hawk :beer:

Edited by Hawk

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