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What you can't see is that all of my pond is in a 10 foot wading pool, so I just squatted down next to it to get that one.


I think my photography is getting better...


I've got a good one of the second lily that is gorgeous, so I'll have to get that one on the net soon...

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Hehehe...it's already my new background :mrgreen:


I don't care...I'd be flattered if you'd like to keep it. Just don't try and sell it :shifty:


Yeah, I've got some more, cuz I take them daily, so I'll have to get some more of 'em up (it takes a while on dial up :( ).


Woo Hooo!!! My purple lily came out!!! I love my purple lilies!!! It's the most gorgeous of three out right now. Looks like I'll have about 8 more pretty soon too :)


No Mercy: My pansies are out too :mrgreen:

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Yeah, at first they were in smaller pots, so I had to transplant them two years ago into big pots...now they just make little plantlets that get nutrients from the main plant, but are plants of their own...pretty cool.


Like I said, I've got 30+ fish, about 10 of them big, the rest medium sized...they take care of the skeeters pretty well.

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