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Guest TAC84

information before i consider paying :P

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Guest TAC84

B) hey ppls, just stumbled across this as my PC is being very annoying... although im not sure it will fix the problem i do have it seems as though it will make it better once i get it working properly again.


i have a good knowledge of how to use computers but the technical side (registries and settings of things) i am not so good at... most seems common sense but a lot im not sure i know the meaning of.


just wondering if it can be shipped overseas (im in england ^_^) and if its worth the money... i dont normally consider buying things like this because of the risk of being "ripped-off" lol


i wanted to know some peoples opinions of the product and whether they would reccommend it to me =)


oh and before i post, if i buy the licence will i have to pay again periodically... for either licence or upgrades? or is it a 1 time payment then free upgrades forever kinda thing?


sorry if im asking stupid questions but hey... i am stupid :mrgreen: and i wanna know more.


thanks for anyone who can help


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Let's see if I can answer the questions about Optimize...


As far as shipping to the UK, the only thing to ship would be the back-up CD. If you have a CD burner, just download the installer and burn it to a CD. Save yourself some money.


Download page free version:




You can try the free version before you buy. If you like the product, just place an order and you will be sent a download link and a license key. If you have installed the free version you won't need the download. Just install your license key in the free vesion and it will be fully functional.


No risk of being ripped off. Period. Optimize comes with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. And I know personally that they make good on that promise.


And to this point in time, there are no license renewal fees. You buy it once. If there are program upgrades, use can use your license key to download the newest version from here: http://pcpitstop.com/store/service.asp


I can't say if it will stay that way forever, but that's how it's been so far.


Have you seen the FAQ's?



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