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CPU Lubricant?

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I've got a friend's computer running XP O.S. He wasn't the type to keep it clean and when I got it, it was filthy. In my cleaning effort I removed the heatsink as the "fins" were filled with dirt and the fan in the power unit wasn't working and the heatsink fan was only working part time. This is an AMD chip 462 and it could likely be fried but I want to be sure I've tried everything possible to get some life back into this computer as he's low on funds. Here's what I've done thus far:


1. I replaced the power unit and checked it out in another computer to make sure it wasn't DOA. That in itself didn't allow any power to the MB thus if won't boot.

2. I "triple-checked" all connections to MB and other peripherals.

3. As I said above, I removed the CPU fan (which was only working a little bit) and cleaned the heatsink and replaced them.


Even after all that, it's still not getting any power to the MB. I was wondering and I guess this is my question: "Would the heatsink lubricant need to be re-applied? Could this be the reason the CPU isn't responding? If so, where can I get some?


I've tried all that I know and it won't begin to show life. Any ideas?


As always, your suggestions are appreciated.




jnulr :thud:

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Arctic Silver is the best be it Ceramique or AS 5. Any good computer place should have it.


After re-applying the thermal paste and replacing the heatsink, try the suggestions in this post: http://p199.ezboard.com/fk7s5amotherboardf...icID=1515.topic


to see if you have a dead mobo or not, it saved my "bacon" once or twice, and will work for any mobo. :mrgreen:

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