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Guest pepperkay

The NEW PCPitStop Optimizer

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Guest pepperkay

Ok All:


I've just run the new PitStop product TO a point ...


I am looking at a window that lists 4 series of items that itI'm led to believe should be deleted ...


They are: Invalid CLSID - ProgID - TypeLib - Interface ...


To the right in the window box, it shows all the various registry entries that are being referenced by the program ...


As I only speak English and Spanish, I have no clue as to what all is there, what it means and whether or not I'm going to hurt something by removing all those entries ...


However, the program does not assure me that by clicking NEXT and continuing, that I won't do irreperable damage to my computer ... and somewhere in the buried fine print, there's probably mention that I must bear total responsibility for any actions taken regardless of the source of information or the semblance of authority presented by PC Pitstop et ux ...


Why is it that a program such as this can not just state - 'YES - this is safe to remove' - or - 'NO, don't you dare' ?? ...


I've been burned too many times by programs that were going to do everything possibly imagineable to my computer, that even though I have used PC Pitstop for years, I am reluctant to push the NEXT button and continue ...


Any suggestions ??





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Invalid keys that are removed from the registry cleaning part of the application are entries in the registry containing information about COM and ActiveX objects. These objects are parts of programs and when you remove the programs these keys sometimes still exist. Optimize safely removes these keys if the COM object no longer exists. Areas of the register we look for the invalid keys are:


Invalid Class IDs(CLSID)

Invalid Program Identifiers (ProgID)

Invalid Type Libraries (TypeLib)

Invalid Interfaces




Can I undo the changes it makes?

The hard disk clean-up permanently removes unnecessary files and cannot be undone. All of the other utilities in Optimize can be completely reversed. The very first action Optimize does before making any registry setting changes is to make a backup of these settings. When you run Optimize it will give you the option to restore the registry settings back to any point before the application was run.

From here:




In additon, it has a money-back guarantee. :)

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