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My Next Upgrade....

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Ok, I'm freaking out now, christmas is coming up and I want to upgrade my computer more. It's used mostly for gaming. Chatting/surfing being it's secondary function. However I can't find out where I want to throw my money. Here's what I have currently:



AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+






AsRock 939Dual-SATA2 ATX Motherboard



NZXT Guardian Silver Case


Video Card-

eVGA Geforce 6800GT AGP



KDS 17" Inch CRT Monitor



Soundblaster Audigy 2 Value!


I'm thinking Sound Card and/or Video card. Just looking for suggestions. My Processor is running at 35º with a 2% overclock currently burning in so I'm not too worried about cooling.

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Is that what you are currently using now? If so the first thing I would do is get a new monitor. Something in the 19 inch LCD or up range. Or whatever monitor you happen to like, make sure if it is an LCD and you game a lot that you look for a low latemcy panel, 8ms or around there.


Next I would think about the video card. Something like a 7800gt or over. Maybe a X1800XL when they come down to a more reasonable price.



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In order of importance for gaming;


Video Card: 7800GT?


Memory: 2GB minimum


Monitor: 19" minimum


Speakers/headphones: often overlooked as an upgrade, but does wonders for your gaming experience.


Sound Card: Creative X-Fi

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video card deffinatly one of the main things for gaming go for the 7800GTX if you can affored if not the model down.


memory i'd say atleast 1GB as even now there isent really any games that need 2GB my machine easy plays any game out at the mo in full spec and i only have 1GB dual channel ram.

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I think it's the other way around gord, at least with BF2!

I would get a new MOBO, like th Dfi Lanparty and OC your X2(more), I would then get a 7800GTX. If you don't already have it 1 gig of low latency DDR400 (or more) would really help!

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Whoops, forgot about RAM, I have 2 gigs PC3200. They're running dual channel currently and I have 2 slots left, don't think I need anymore though. I was looking into probably a video card as well, I'm fine with 17" monitors and I like my CRT :P.


I was thinking either Sound card/Speakers or Video Card. I'm leaning towards Video card.

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As a gammer, I play most of the newest games with one Gb 2x512 they all run smooth the only game that gives alittle slow down when i close it is bf2 it needs more then 1gb if you dont wanna notice this slow down 3- 5 seconds after i exit.

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