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I got alittle bored today...So I..

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Well it wasnt that exciting :erm: But I couldnt work because of the rain :rolleyes:



After some 320 grit paper


I used a swirl motion to get the factory coating off down to the copper...yeah that looks flat :huh:


Posted Image



After some 500 grit paper going in one direction only (thats the best way to polish and to keep it flat and level)


Posted Image


After some 1000 grit paper,still staying in one direction


Posted Image



After some 2000 grit paper and some BlueMaxx metal polish


Posted Image



I combed my hair in it before I put it back in my comp :mrgreen:



I need to do some test now and see if it helped temps...im sure it cant hurt them after removing that AMD factory coating.I wonder why they would cover up all that pretty copper :shrug:

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:lol: trust me its safe the heatspeader is bonded to the silicon with epoxy...nothing can get in there ;)


As long as any electronic device has no power at all running thru it...water doesnt effect it...just make sure its completly dry before you power it back up :nuke:

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Do you think that by doing this it will improve cooling on the CPU?

Or you just did it beacuse your bored da heck out of it? :P

I ran this SuperPI 32mb test friday night and my CPU temp stayed in the 40-41c range



Posted Image



Thats a plus and the Artic Silver 5 hasnt setup yet...so it could get better ;)

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