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Taskman.exe gauge doesn't appear in system tray


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OK, for some unknown reason now, the CPU gauge doesn't appear whenever I call up Windows TaskManager anymore. I kept doing "sfc /scannow" each time and I was able to get it back, but after I reboot it doesn't appear after that.


So something tells me that SFC isn't doing a good job at restoring my system files...


And each time I need to call up taskman.exe I've been having to push Ctrl+Alt+Del each time or right clicking the taskbar and selecting "Task Manager" in the menu.


This is what the icon should look like. Do you get this when you call up the Task Manager?


Posted Image

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Mine always shows when I run Task Manager. It is set to "hide when inactive". But as a test I changed the setting to "always show". As expected, it showed up when I ran Task Manager. But it disappeared when I closed Task Manager. When I checked the setting again it said "hide when inactive" again so it resets itself. I double-checked it with same result. Maybe somehow yours is always set to hide even when in use.


Oh I just thought of something that might clear up the problem (or might not). Go to http://www.winguides.com/registry/display.php/1238/ and use regedit to follow the simple instructions to clear off all past items from the Tray Notification area. So that will clear off the past item icon history and might clear off your problem so that the Task manager icon shows up when expected. Worth a try. I have a little program that does the steps automatically but I forgot where I downloaded it from and I couldn't find it on a search just now.

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