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when i go in to update i get this error "6004: LiveUpdate did not complete successfully

Due to a transmission error, one or more LiveUpdate components failed internal authentication. Please run LiveUpdate again. If the error persists, contact your network administrator or LiveUpdate provider."


what can i do?

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You should go to their website & get online tech help. Until that is solved,




has the current updates you can download.


There is also a feature called Intelligent Update that you can load & make sure you are protected.


Here is information about the two : http://service1.symantec.com/SUPPORT/share...002021908382713

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Great link Jamma :look:


* when will *these* people quit "pickin' on" Norton ? :woot:

* ah, the answer is never - but they do go to Symantec when *they* need a removal tool, don't they ... ;):eek:

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I have an "anti-Norton" mindset because everyone I personally know who has had it in their computer has had nothing but trouble as a result of it - including myself. I know there are a lot of folks out there who run Norton and have no problems with it, but there are lots who do have problems with it. :):)

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