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Sorry to hear that dque54,


Optimize is a useful and trouble free utility in my experience.

When I first purchased Optimize, I received a "license key".

You should have received a similar email with the necessary information like that below.


If you did, and you are still having problems getting Optimize installed, then there is likely some other problem existing on your machine that, when corrected, will allow full use of Optimize.

We can help you more specifically, if you will please Run and Post a PCPitstop Full Test. With that information, it will be more likely that Members here will be able to give you more informative responses.


Best Regards


Optimize PC PCPitstop Activation


Thank you for your recent purchase of PC Pitstop Optimize.


Use your first and last name for the username.  The license Key information

listed below is your license key.  The invoice number is for your reference and

is not used in licensing the application.


Invoice number: 111111X

License Key: X5XX6-XX2X2X


Thank-you for purchasing our product.  If you have any customer service related

questions visit http://www.pcpitstop.com/store/service.asp.


We appreciate your support.


Please contact us immediately should you have any questions.

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