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crash help

Guest kjarni

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can anyone help me a way to find out witch drive that make my Xp sp2 crash.


when it happens xp´s helpcenter tells me it´s a dives drive but it can´t tell witch.




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I would take out the secondary or "slave" drive and see what happens..

but if windows is craching it's prob your primary drive that has windows on it.


can you give some more specific info about your system and the exact problem?

EDIT: do you mean drive or driver?

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my system is: MB k7sa5 pro wit amd 1.15 ghz 768 mb ram.

Xp pro ver. 2002 with sp2.


the problem comes suddently in different work situations. it can be when i´m on the net or when i work i word. f.ex i coul´dn´t save a doc.

error message says not enoug systemresource to do this handling.


if i try to stop a prosess with shift-alt-del it shot down my computer


when it starts it comes with, rebuild fom a dangerously error

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Hi Kjarni,


Try posting a test result, this will help us help you. You may have too many programs eating up your resources or a drive problem. Posting a test will show this.



And ..... :wp:

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