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3 word story....

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The story so far (slightly edited to make more sense!)...


There was a fat, short, and balding old man, walking with a limp towards the dingy dark alley with a bottle. He staggered on his bare feet when suddenly, he saw something move! He then got his empty bottle, and pulled out his very very large wooden baseball bat and swallowed it. I once had bunches of coconuts that tasted sour, but I realized, the old man wasn't alone. I saw him walking underneath a lighted lamp post. My mind raced. Filled with fear, I ran away. I found a big gulp of...big gulp. Then I collapsed. He saw me, and I froze and urinated myself. Sadly I also crapped my drawers. So I grabbed and found my big gulp cup, and the man pulled out three matches and began to light a tall cream candle which burned a very large area of material in the universal fabric, that washes well with warm water and lavish scents of bat guano. But shortly after, I realized that redressing, primping, staring, and beating him with a large banana filled donut, it splattered against the window. Immediately, the dog said "Yuck! Yuck!" and licked the peanut butter off of his mouth. Consciousness left him, as he said "Oops!". The dish tipped to the ground and bounced back hitting the dogs. The dogs then yelped in pain licking their parts, when suddenly the one dog yelped "Ouch! My toe!". He ran to Micheal who said "Where's my hair?" His wig went cosmic with a flash, bang, boom! Followed by a ton of mustard which horrifically smelt of something sulfurous. Then out popped the LSD police who were the quickest in the art of smelling dodgy looking people who suck apples, and they spat out little gremlin men with cheesy ears and big feet, with one eye in the center of their butts! Unfortunately, they spilled a bunch of red fire ants into a crisp but well buttered roasted fairy corpse, which with orange toes and fingers in spicey ducksauce, resumed it's life, but died again, changing into a ball of turd. It rolled toward the old gardener, then hit a rock. It bounced off with a big CRASH! Flash, bang, BOOM! It sprouted new wings and flew away, high into the sky. After that, he jumped from the old tanning bed to the new long legged blonde who was waiting for him naked. But he was gay with a mullet and fishing rod. He also carried a cat box. Inside the box were three things...one was a three headed dog, as well as another three headed dog...along with Harry Potter! This totalled 7 heads. The cat approached and started to :filtered:, then someone scooped the poo away with their mouth. Then they spit some poo out onto their shoe, Then a big, fatter cat came to the rescue...for the catnip! But wait, look! A donkey comes, walking tail first. He farts on a white dog. It got covered in yellow snow. Shortly after this, he saw sno-cones! He shouted out... "Anybody for dessert?" because the carbon-destructive viral organism sucks! (Summerized to save space.) "Me!" said meow. Why did he say "me"? Because he is a silly cat! Later that day, it rained heavily with loud thunder, strong winds, and he flew away toward Spartan Stadium without a trojan horse. He was really just a wolverine who then thought about beating Spartans, and he asked himself "Why am I such a failure? All I wanted was a million dollars, girls, and lots of loving! But I failed..." so he turned into a camel and he saw Kylie Minogue singing. My heart leapt and skipped a beat. She was truly my idol, even though she is battling, but humblingly psychotic, but not crazy! Just dilusionally paranoid, and quite fat above the shoulders, and full of cheese on toast...with unsalted buttermilk and moldy bread. Penecillin is made so that it flys backward rotating through your veins while reading forums, and eating cress dipped in yogurt. Non-fat that is, with garlic dip and chili peppers. Heartburn beyond belief! Never did anything hurt so bad, he screamed: "I WANNA ROCK!" So he commenced rocking! His guitar broke, and he cried for the angels...the Anaheim Angels! Out of nowhere came a large, green jelly bean. It tumbled towards the giant waterfall of certain death then dropped rapidlytowards one fat log. Smashing into the alligators' nest with a loud CRASH...BANG, WALLOP! Followed by a huge puff of fragrant marijuana smoke, and George-Bushisms like "he-he-he!". Later that day, having the munchies, he grabbed some grub to eat. After that, he saw red copepods...

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