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cheap Tiger System


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Only have a little cash, and low on patience for building my own again, which of three would you folks consider the best buy for someone that is not into gaming, and main interest is music, movies, and chatting with family?

249.00 Wintergreen Celeron D 3.2 GHZ total capable memory 2.0 G Linspire OS 40G HD integrated video memory

399.00 Emachine Athlon 64 2.0 GHZ total capable memory 4 G Win XP 160G HD 128 shared vid mem

379.00 Emachine Sempron 2.0 GHZ total capable memory 2 G Win XP 80 G HD GE Force 4 MX


I can upgrade any of these as I go along, but am wondering which is the best base to start out with for now. Opinions are much appreciated, THANKS, Debbie

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of course i would suggest building your own, but if its not possible and those are your only choices....i agree with the others that the athlon 64 is without doubt the best choice.


be sure to get at least 512mb of ram as 128 of it is already devoted to the onboard video....leaving you only 384 for the system.

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