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? for the raid pros

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Running 2 120gb sata drives in raid0. I have it partitioned into 2 drives. (Don't ask why) I'm having a few windows issues, and debating a reformat. But I don't want to screw up the raid. Really don't feel like going through the LLF and rebuild the raid.


So, can I just format the C drive and reload W2K, without crashing the whole damn thing? :crash: Please say yes. :lol:

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Thanks. I trust ya, but think I'll wait for a second opinion. Hope ya understand. :mrgreen:

Sure. There's nothing like confirmation from one of the vets. :geezer:


But one thing you can notice is that when you go into the Windows setup, your array is already recognized as one drive (before partitioning, of course.) I think that's evidence that Windows is independent of the array already built.

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Yup, you'll need to put in the CD, reboot, load the F6 RAID drivers, get into where windows asks you if it is a new install or second, and say new, delete C drive and then make it again, this will make it raw and redy to format, you do not need to touch the second partition.


(Note: make sure your CD/DVD is made to be the boot before the RAID)



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