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Using USB and Ethernet port simulatenously

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Is it possible to use the USB and Ethernet port on my dsl modem simulatenously through the same IP? Sorry I'm quite new with the networking gig >.< I have a Westell DualConnect Modem. I'm only able to use one connection at a time, only one computer >.<

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The answer to your question is no. At least that is what all the documentation I have read says.


You want to connect two computers to a modem right. You need a router to do that.


However, if you are running Windows 2000 or XP you can use a hub or switch with

ICS which is "Internet Connection Sharing". To run ICS go to Start | All

Programs | Accessories | Communications | Network Setup Wizard. Once the

Wizard is open follow the Wizard instructions to use ICS. For more detailed

instructions go to Help in the Start menu and type ICS in the Search box.

This will tell you most of the details. Also, there is a hyperlink in the

menu "To configure Internet options for Internet Connection Sharing".

Anyway, this is the only way multiple computers can connect to the Internet

without using a router. But you do need a hub which is built into most

routers too. Don't use ICS if you use a router. ICS will conflict with the

DHCP services, see the Help topic.


Your best bet is to spend about fifty dollars for a small router. This will give you the ability to do exactly what you want with your two computers and will also provide you with a hardware firewall for added security.


Hope this helped a little. :beer:

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Most DSL modems now will allow you to use both connections (usb+eth) But you will have different ip's for each line. In networking, 2 computers can never have the same address, there will be major confilicts if that happons.



Do you know how to do this (using both usb+ethernet)?


I have a modem with a usb, a single ethernet and router.

I'd like to know whether I can use the usb and ethernet port over the router somehow. Does anyone know?



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