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  1. I did a search first, but found no existing thread on this infection - if it does match an existing thread, please forgive my mistake. So ... my wife's PC has been hijacked - we spent many hours yesterday trying to fix it ourselves. The reason for my post is to say the name of the bogus Antivirus program is "System Care Antivirus," and to ask two questions. Question 1: Are the available solutions out there legitimate? There is very little information available on the Internet about this particular infection. All we could find is sites from people with Russian sounding names tellin
  2. Have you ever wondered what Windows has stored on your Windows Clipboard, which is where Windows temporarily stores content that you have copied for pasting or other use. Well if you are using Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010, the Clipboard Viewer is listed just underneath the Home tab. Click on it and you will see your complete clipboard content. Clicking on any portion of the stored content will automatically paste it into the active (open) Word window.
  3. There will be time when you need to cancel a print job and trying right-click and end the task won't do a thing, don't get frustrated you can try this, 1. Type services.msc in Windows start menu search bar and hit enter to open Services. Navigate down to Print Spooler. Rt click on this services and ‘Stop’ this service. 2. Next navigate to C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS folder and delete all the CONTENTS of this folder. Now rt click again on the Print Spooler service and restart it. 3. You can copy-paste this commands and save it as prnt_flusher.bat for example and use it
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