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Found 5 results

  1. How can one set Super shield to start any time the computer comes on?
  2. Any suggestions on how I can add programs I want to run to the whitelist in SuperShield? It doesn't appear to be an obvious option. It's blocking my remote print server software, among other things.
  3. Hi all! So i've had an issue with my PC for some months now, and I can't really pinpoint what could be the issue. Step 1: PC powers up, motherboard splash screen appears Step 2: PC turns off Step 3: Repeat Steps 1-2 Sometimes spamming the tab button to show the post BIOS startup message will avoid this, and then sometimes it does nothing, and SOMETIMES it will just startup correctly and load windows. Now i'm not sure what the problem could be, I thought it was a hardware issue, but everything in the PC has been replaced and is brand new, so I ruled that out. My specs are: CPU: i7 2700 Mobo: Ggabyte GA-P67A-UD3-B3 Intel P67 RAM: Cosair Vengence 8gb CMZ8-1600C8 1600mhz HDD: Agility3 SSD 256gb PSU: Cosair Modular HX750W GFX: Gigabyte 560Ti Super Overclocked OS: Windows 7 Ultimate
  4. Laptop Won't Start. - Sony Vaio VGN-NW25GF - core2duo 64 bit 320GBHD, 4GB ram, windows 7 No problems until now. Pressed start button, screen blank, thought battery must be low, plugged in mains power, no change, stuck. After 2 mins switched off at start button, switched back on. Message "windows failed to start" Options: "Launch startup repair" or "start windows normally". Tried first option it tried to start but failed and returned to same screen. Tried second option went through "windows is loading files" to startup repair is checking your system" to "windows cannot repair this computer automatically" with options: send information about this problem" and "don't send" First option resulted in "windows cannot repair this computer automatically, options view diagnostic and repair details" and view advanced options for system recovery". Tried view diagnostic and those options including restore to previous version, nothing worked. Tried advanced and ended up with same options. Also tried f8 after startup button and got start in 'safe mode', tried that back to the original message. Consequently I cant install PC Pitstop to check anything. Recent install AVG Anti Virus.
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