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  1. Howdy and thank you even if you only read this. I have an Asus X540SAA that has been slowing down for the last couple of months. Restarts, Photos, Internet including email are all very slow. http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=26027299 Also, a yellow banner will occasionally show up at the top of the screen saying that, "A webpage is slowing you down, what do you want to do?" with Close or wait options being given. It never does identify the "web page". It does not seem to matter what browser I use. I am running PCMatic, it is a windows 10 64 bit system. Scans have turned up no viru
  2. Hi All, In the past week or so I have come across Windows 7 Laptops and PC's having an issue with logging in to profiles. When you have inserted the password and gone to log in a black screen appears with a moveable cursor, but the task manager will not appear. On a couple of PC's it finally logs in after a period of time, others it does not, unless it would be a longer waiting process for it. Does anybody know what the issue is and how to resolve it? Best regards, Ash
  3. Acer Aspire 5517, 3GB ram, 250GB, Win7, F-Prot AV, Malwarebytes Boot up is fine but very slow to start Win7, specially slow to set up desktop. Most commonly used programs are Quicken, Firefox, and Freecell. Quicken is specially slow to load and run, sometimes 2-3 minutes. Firefox often slow to load and operate. Frequently hangs for a few seconds, mouse pointer freezes, get the "not responding" message often. Win7 slow to shut down also. I know I could use another GB ram but what is using up all the ram I've got?? Here is the HijackThis log file, any tips will be greatly appreciated
  4. I recently bought a new Modem because my old one was acting screwy (took up to 3 tries to connect at start-up, would reboot at random times), I don't think it's the new Modem itself because my ISP sent out a tech and he switched out my Modem for the same make and model (He also changed out the fittings in the box outside the house) but still the Internet is slow and erratic, But there is something kinda strange that happened when i first hooked up the Modem and Windows attemped to install it, It chose a new Network all on it's own (Network 7) as opposed to using the Network i always used (Netw
  5. Hi, I am here to ask someone for help to liberate my laptop from this condition I call deep freeze. I did not use my system for a month and when I turn it on I realized that I could not play some videos I took. Windows media player opens and as soon I put the file to play the wmp closes. I have a sony camera with .mts files and I can not see them nor convert. I scanned with malawarebites, superantispyaware, windows security essentials and also Glary utilities and could not find nothing much. I am having slow down everywhere. My laptop has a recovery recovery and I did a restore and no
  6. about 3 weeks ago, my computer, Toshiba laptop, windows 7 pro, started running very slow, slow in loading webpages, and other slow features. I ran pcmatic, but had a lot of trouble getting it to load, and complete, starting getting an error message that a script is running and is using all resources. task manage showed the cpu and memory use very high, even when very few or no application were actually running. stopping the script did nothing, I think it just restarted. finally got pc matic to run and completed, but it did nothing to find the problem. I have had many emai
  7. I recently purchased a refurbished HP Windows 7 desktop. I also have a Mac laptop that is fairly new. I'm using a wireless modem with earthlink.net. My speed when browsing using my Mac is just fine. It's fast and what you'd expect it to be. But it takes this Win7 about 30-60 seconds or more to open a website. It even took forever today just to get the PCMatic control board to open. And I've also noticed a much slower process in getting pages to print. Before I try to get a refund on this refurbished computer, I thought I'd try to see if it can be fixed somehow. Testing the
  8. My computer has been acting very slow lately, especially in opening the browser. Most of the time the icon spins for a long while before opening up the page, if it opens at all. Also, the computer is very sluggish in opening up new windows. For example, even opening the control panel can take a minute or so. I have run the following scans: AVG: no issues found PC Exterminator2: Did not find any medium or high threats Trend Micro HouseCall: found 1 threat and fixed it. Ad aware completed scan: found 7 threats and removed them. PCPitstop Overdrive: followed directions to f
  9. Hi all, does anyone have any ideas about this? I've had this laptop for around 4 years and it's been great. In the last 6 months or so it's been slowing down and the fan has been racing like mad. I noticed the disk was nearing capacity. About 2 weeks ago I convinced myself I had a trojan, so I took backups, cleared the disk and 'restored' Vista to its factory state and started from scratch. I also opened the case and removed a LOAD of guff from the heatsink, which made me feel very pleased with myself. So in my mind, the computer's performance should be back to how it was on the day
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